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Street Entertainers will be recognised at last!
Religious Fanatics outside Markies will know someone is listening!
And our colourful tramps will no longer be forgotten!

Join me in my fond remeniscence of The Granite City's most colourful characters and street entertainers - for I'm sure you'll all agree a good political rant or a singing tramp is as worthy of a cheering crowd as the best buskers...

Saturday, December 04, 2004


Welcome Potential Readers!

To this, my first post on Aberdeen Tramps and Other Weel Kent Fowk.

The existance of this site is all due to a conversation we were having at work the other day about people you see about our fair city, Aberdeen, day in day out. Usually Tramps but also your buskers, street performers and religious ranters...

Sadly the discussion turned to people you don't see anymore, and how terrible it'd be if nobody was chronicling (how the hell do you spell that word) the lives of these people.

The White Heather Wifie...
The Aye Aye Wifie of King Street
The Squeaky White Statue Wifie Outside Markies.
That bloody brilliant Reggae Busker outside Markies
The marvellous Amazonas and their pan pipes.

You get the general picture.

So today I intend to go out into town today with my camera and see if I can find any of them. Just so that if anyone is having this conversation in 20 years time, "Fit ever happened to that auld tramp mannie that sat ootside thon church on Union Street?" Then they'll be able to use this site to reminisce.

I'm off out into town :)

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