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Street Entertainers will be recognised at last!
Religious Fanatics outside Markies will know someone is listening!
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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Testing Testing Wan Two Free

Happy New Year abdy oot there in the Grey Toon!

Yes. Tis I, The Neighbour Of The Hoors.

Welcome to the first post in "Aberdeen Tramps And Ither Weel Kent Fowk" in a good long time.

A little explanation:
I was first fitted a puckle o days ago by none other than Mr Aberdeen Tramps - an old friend from when we were at Aberdeen Uni together. Naturally the conversation turned to his old blog - ie this one, which he hasn't looked at, nevermind touched for mony a lang year.

Mr Aberdeen Tramps hasn't the internet access any more and asked me if I'd be able to tidy up a few things on it for him. Namely the comments - which are getting a bit libelous in some places - which I'll be using my editorial powers on - mwahahaha! (Your comments will also need to be moderated from now on - something which wasn't available when Mr Tramps first set this blog up), some updates and also the many old posts he wrote but didn't publish simply because he never got around to it.

And this I will do.

When I get time.

In the meantime, have patience and have an awfy guid New Year!

Neighbour Of Teh Hoors.

posted by Neighbour of Teh Hoors! | Saturday, January 03, 2009


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to see the site up and running again!

January 07, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you planning on adding any more local celebrities?

Such as the "Human Statue" that can sometimes be seen outside the St Nicholas Centre?

Also, does anyone know whatever happened to the preacher that used to stand outside Marks & Spencers with the really loud voice, who sometimes had his family watching him? I haven't seen him for ages!

May 12, 2009  
Blogger Neighbour of Teh Hoors! said...

Aye, I'll have to :)
I've got a couple up my sleeve. Any suggestions very much welcome.

I've seen that statue - is he the one that looks like seagulls have shat on him?

And was the preacher the American one? I remember 3 - The 'Merkin, The Sally Army Boy and the Manic Street Preacher (all of which I think Mr Tramps already reported on)

May 15, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, thats the Statue Man!

I'm looking forward to seeing what others you have up your sleeve.

As for the preacher, its not the American one.

The guy I'm talking about used to stand outside the St Nicholas Centre (near the holiday shop, at the side of the bank) on a Sunday afternoon for an hour. He usually wore a green coat, and all he had with him was a book (which I assume was a bible). He had a VERY loud voice, and sometimes his wife and kids would be sitting on a park bench and watching him. And sometimes if you walked past him, he would stare at you while he continued to speak.

I was having a conversation about this guy with a friend recently, so I'm just curious as to what happened to him.

May 18, 2009  

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