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Street Entertainers will be recognised at last!
Religious Fanatics outside Markies will know someone is listening!
And our colourful tramps will no longer be forgotten!

Join me in my fond remeniscence of The Granite City's most colourful characters and street entertainers - for I'm sure you'll all agree a good political rant or a singing tramp is as worthy of a cheering crowd as the best buskers...

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Places to Spot Aberdeen Tramps And Ither Weel Kent Fowk

Places to Spot Aberdeen Tramps and Ither Weel Kent Fowk 1

Ootside Markies. Once home to the Reggae Busker and Squeak. Relaxing spot for The White Heather Wifie. Ranting spot for the Religious Ranters. Nice place to see carol singing, university drummers and all sorts of other entertainments. Needs a web cam!

Places to Spot Aberdeen Tramps and Ither Weel Kent Fowk 2

The Castlegate. Has a webcam! Has some dodgy pubs! Has HISTORY!!! I have yet to spot the ghosts of any of our city's past hangings or executions but I have spotted many of the other kind of spirit. Usually being consumed by tramps.

Places to Spot Aberdeen Tramps and Ither Weel Kent Fowk 3

The Bus Station. Yes! You have a lovely collection of spoons there sir. No thanks, I'm ok for Buckfast, cheers! Oh. Here is my bus. Cheerio then! :)

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Blogger lost said...

Places to spot students and other drunken idiots of a weekend - Justice Mill Lane!!!!

Thereby hangs a tale. I wiz walking hame one night with a gal pal and we saw the "Crab Stane" which is supposed to have been a marker of the city border, it has a plaque explaining its significance in relation to the Battle of Justice Mills - Covenanters and Irish maniacs - and we were looking at it, and this lad, "suitably refreshed" as Billy Connolly would say, comes up to us, sees us looking at the stone, which is part of a wall now, and says, "Aye aye, Rabbie Burns that is!"

Like, how?

Am going to start collecting nonsense responses from drunks and nutters, could be a sideline for this blog!

January 24, 2005  
Blogger Catpee said...

There was a mad woman used to stand at the corner of King Street and Merkland Road waving manically to everyone that walked past.

Never saw any ghosts myself. The last person to be hung in Aberdeen was hung at the corner of Broad Street and Union Street just at the traffic lights. You probably know that though.

July 12, 2005  

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