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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Weel Kent Fowk of the past #1 - Snuffy Ivy

Snuffy Ivy was a legendary Aberdeen Prostitute.

Undoubtedly a looker in her day, by the time she became famous in Aberdeen she was Weel Past Her Best.

According to my dad, she was called Snuffy Ivy because of the way she spoke. Now this is really not going to translate on to paper, so I'm not even going to try... just imagine you've got a deep fried mars bar up each nostril and that your tongue has gotten stuck to the roof of your mouth by eating a sticky toffee from Christies 99p shop.

There was a joke. Ahem. (Clears throat for full effect) :

"Knock Knock"
"fath's ththere?"
"It's the Police"
"Weel yeth'll hae tae wait yer thurn. Ah'm buthy the now"

Oh, and my auntie ran messages for her once in the mid 1920's for "a few coins" and got her backside thrashed when her mother found out...

Them were the days. Don't get hoors like that nowadays, do we ?

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