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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Well Kent Shops #2 - The 24 Hour Porn and Popper Shop

I speak with confidence when I say that Stephen's Corner Shop (aka the 24 Hour Porn and Popper Shop) on Hutcheon Street is a local landmark.

As you would expect, Steven's is open 24 hours. It is full in the middle of the night with dopey eyed punters buying mars bars and other such munchies. My dad reckons it's only open 24 hours because someone broke in to it every time they tried to close it.

It sells porn. Most newsagents have a top shelf. Stevens has an entire wall of porn with the normal mags (Bella, TV times, Gardener's Weekly etc) relegated to a much smaller area. Behind the door was (someone please let me know if it still is) a rusty nail with a hand-typed book hanging from it. It was a list of "massage parlours" in the Aberdeen area.

It sells poppers. Amyl Nitrate. Behind the counter. Alledgedly.

It is often staffed by children. (Or incredibly young looking short people). Often we would go in at 4am and be served by what appeared to be an 8 year-old.

It sells all the normal things you'd expect - often at knock-down past-their-due-by-date prices. We once spent an entire summer drinking bottles of cheap fizzy wine (alcohol content unknown) purchased for £1 a bottle.

And finally, no Aberdonian in their right mind would give directions around that side of town without saying "OK, go up George street, take a left up towards The 24 Hour Porn And Popper Shop and then keep going until... " etc.


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