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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Local Hero #2:Sam The Seagullz

"Cunning" and "Guile"
Both words used by North Tonight to describe This Hoors Neighbour's favourite Sqwawking Star... None other than Sam The Seagull.

Sam *SHOT* to fame about a year or so ago when some canny local with a mobile phone managed to capture him carrying out the most heinous of crimes... The daily theft of a bag of Cheese Doritos from the RS McColl's down the Castlegate.

For a short time (slightly longer than that chick that won Celebrity Big Brother even though she was just a giggling scrubber/nobody), Sam was the Grey Toon's HOTTEST celebrity, with appearances on North Tonight, the local BBC news, and... predicably, Youtube.

Sam was the Robin Hood of our times. He would first stake out the lie of the land before nipping in RSMcColl's open door and swiping his crisps of choice, stealing Cheese Doritos from the rich (as witnessed by shop worker, Sriaram Nagarajan, 22) and giving to the poor - his cawing seagull mates who hung around the back of the Merkat Cross until he'd done the dirty work. Once Sam had escaped with his spoils, he'd gleefully "beak" open the bag and share with his mates. Nice one gull.

According to Avanova: "The seagull, nicknamed Sam by staff and customers, has become so popular locals have started paying for his crisps...
"Customers have taken pity on the bird and have started donating money to keep him in Doritos. Sriaram added: "He's becoming a bit of a celebrity. Seagulls are usually not that popular but Sam is a star because he's so funny."

Of course the BBC reports it best as rendered below in this clip off youtube, the budding Jeremy Paxman even trying to question Sam about his behaviour.

There are others of course... But my favourite has to be this one. Because we all know that if you speed *anything* up and put it to the Benny Hill music... it's funny...


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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Testing Testing Wan Two Free

Happy New Year abdy oot there in the Grey Toon!

Yes. Tis I, The Neighbour Of The Hoors.

Welcome to the first post in "Aberdeen Tramps And Ither Weel Kent Fowk" in a good long time.

A little explanation:
I was first fitted a puckle o days ago by none other than Mr Aberdeen Tramps - an old friend from when we were at Aberdeen Uni together. Naturally the conversation turned to his old blog - ie this one, which he hasn't looked at, nevermind touched for mony a lang year.

Mr Aberdeen Tramps hasn't the internet access any more and asked me if I'd be able to tidy up a few things on it for him. Namely the comments - which are getting a bit libelous in some places - which I'll be using my editorial powers on - mwahahaha! (Your comments will also need to be moderated from now on - something which wasn't available when Mr Tramps first set this blog up), some updates and also the many old posts he wrote but didn't publish simply because he never got around to it.

And this I will do.

When I get time.

In the meantime, have patience and have an awfy guid New Year!

Neighbour Of Teh Hoors.

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Friday, January 02, 2009

The Braveheart Guy

Now this guy I have nothing but respect for.

Seen going about his business in town wearing full Plaid. Looks like a Jacobite. Proper wild hair, the lot.

What. A. Dude.

Edit 02/01/09: Thanks to all the folks who commented letting me know who he is. I can now upload a photo of him.
Still. A. Dude.


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Peter Dow Update

Peter Dow, while I was at Uni, posted the following notice in the Library: "Looking for a Female Friend. Due to my campaigning activities, I have no time to go dating. If you are interested in friendship or a serious relationship, please contact Peter Down on... 01224 ******"

Then when a friend moved into the west end, he pointed out Dow's flat window where he had the same notice with only the following difference "Thankyou, but I am not interested in any Gentlemen Friends. Please stop ringing my doorbell."

I can only tell you how much fun is to be found looking for locals in the Yahoo personals (search by area! What fun!)...

But then the other day, this was drawn to my attention. Granitecity.org, we love you...

Edit: 02/01/09 - Granitecity.org sadly no longer exists. However with the help of my good friend Neighbour Of The Hoors (who will soon be taking over this blog) - we found Mr Dow's appeal for a lady friend on his own site.



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