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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Weel Kent Aberdeen Shop #1 - McKays


Top camping and menswear shop on Queens Street round the side of Marischal College.

What can we say about McKays?

Indeed. What the hell CAN we say about McKays!?

Step through the door and step into a world full (and we mean FULL) of wondrous items! Looking for a new sleeping bag? McKays. Looking for a pair of combats? McKays. Looking for Doc Martens? McKays. Looking for an original Aberdeen football strip from 1982? McKays. Inexplicably looking for a 1940's gas mask? Mckays.

I think basically they must have started off with an empty bit of space and then just never removed any stock. Wonderous items lie around the place (some on hangers, most just displayed on top of old stock) with STRATA. I'm talking 1970's safari suits and Marc Bolan originals at the bottom... Drainpipes and safety-pinned items on top of that. Then a shocking layer of 80's bri-nylon with a thin line of 1988 cerise and acid-wear on top. Next follow the 90's flares and hoodies revival with a bit of grunge above that. On top will be McKays latest wares recently imported from God knows where - I imagine that camels arrive in the night laden down with quality goods because the sheer range of items available is staggering!

McKays very much comes from the old "How may I help you sir?" school of shops because almost as soon as you go in (stepping onto cardboard and into a blast of toasty warm air if it's snowing inside), Mr McKay himself (Is he Mr McKay? or just the Man That Owns It?) comes up to you in his Safari Suit asking if you need any help. And by God can he help. He knows where EVERYTHING is! Magnalite? "Magnalite? Upstairs. Ask my companion." (The guy upstairs MUST be a relation, surely) Legwarmers? "Ah yes. We have some JUST IN!" Courdroy slacks? "I believe we have some just... Ah yes. Here! Creased or non creased?"

And upstairs! Upstairs is a veritable Aladdin's Cave of wonders! Really. If you want welly boots, Swiss army knifes, wooly socks, aforementioned gas mask or basically any other bizarre shit... McKays is THE place to go.

It Rocks.

Honestly, I swear that when I were a youth (we're talking about 1985 - 2000 minimum) they had a handwritten sign proclaiming "FLARES NOW IN STOCK!!" Really? Now in stock? You don't say. They've been available in McKays for the past 40 years! Probably the same ones too...

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