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Friday, May 15, 2009

The Bouncy Metal Twins

Aaah... the great days of the Mudd Club.

Aaaah. Let me now reminisce.

Let my mind drift back to when the carpet in the palace actually had a pattern and hadn't yet been covered over in the black sticky mess of cider and black. Aye, I'm that auld...

When shuffling back and forth to "This Corrosion" and doing the 'crusty-skip' to "Killing In The Name Of," was the order of the day and they used to clear the floor with Ugly Kid Joe.

Back then (amongst other significants), there were the Bouncy Metal Twins. Both about the height of a hobbit and seemingly with soles like bouncy balls, they bounced around the streets of Aberdeen together. Sometimes perfectly in sync... Sometimes perfectly out of sinc like a sine wave and a cosine wave making their way to their final destination.

Sadly, I've only seen one of them for many years. Were there ever two of them or was that just my imagination? Back in the days of the Mudd Club, when anyone that wore black knew everyone else that wore all black and you'd think nothing of bouncing into eachother to the tunes of DJ Paul, I think I knew their names... but now I've forgotten.

Anyway. Searching for Aberdeen-related stuff on youtube brought me to this:

I bloody love youtube. I'm off to hunt for other tramps right now.

P.S. My favourite comment on this vid on youtube has to be:
Ah! Little Death Dood! Used to listen to a walkman whilst at the Metal night in Ritzy's. lol Asked my mate "Do you like death?" To which he replied "aye, aye, s'ok....suppose..."

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