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Monday, November 14, 2005


Aaah Jo-Jo. What words can we use to describe thee?

Transvestite. Paedophile. Those are two I've heard used on many an occasion. As one comment on donstalk.co.uk points out, the Evening Express, in one of their better moments, described him as "a well known local male prostitue with a low IQ". Arf!

Actually... Jo-Jo seems to have been about Aberdeen for YEARS. Well not the years he was supposedly banged up for some child-related-crime. A workmate of mine was up on Broad Hill as a child in the early 80's when Jo-Jo approached him ("Ah jist buried a guid pal o' mine") and he was well known enough then for said workmate to leg it back off down to the carnies like is only sensible.

My only experience of him was seeing this man in ladies slacks, casual baby blue shoulder-padded top, blue eyeshow, shocking pink lipstick and stubble mince quickly up Holburn Street pursued by some Holburn Urchins (crying "Awa' ye tranny!") with his attack alarm on full volume before getting on to the number 16 bus screaming about the "little wee basturds!"

It does, indeed, take all sorts :P

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